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Twin Valley offers a variety of spirits as unique as the people that hand craft them on a daily basis. Bourbon and Whis​keys are the specialty, but with owner Edgardo's roots in the Caribbean, our island flavors are sure to shine through as well!

Bourbon   |   Sorrel/Rum   |   Vodka   |   Flavored Whiskey


Single Cask Bourbon Whiskey

MD Whiskey Co. Black Label Bourbon

A single cask bourbon, our Black Label bottle is our most popular product. Characterized by caramel and vanilla, this lingering, mouth coating bourbon is classically enjoyed neat or on the rocks. 


90 Proof  |  45 Alc. by Vol.   |  750 mL

Toasted corn, cherry, fennel, celeriac, warm spices, vanilla, creamy dry finish

1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey

1812 Blended Bourbon

Combining both single cask bourbons, the 1812 Bourbon is a great crowd-pleaser. With all the bourbon notes you're looking for on the front end, this bourbon is the perfect thing for your next cocktail.

90 Proof | 45 Alc. by Vol. | 750 mL

Creamed corn, vanilla, licorice, peppery, graham cracker finish


Hibiscus Sorrel

Hibiscus Sorrel 


This traditional Jamaican drink comes straight from the source. The owner's wife, who is Jamaican, has been making this drink in her family for generations. We are proud to bring that tradition to you as well. 

30 Proof | 15% Alc. by Vol. | 750 mL

Hibiscus, sorrel

Maryland Rum Company

Special Reserve Barrel-Aged Rum

Our bourbon barrel aged rum is something we don't bottle very often. Usually serving as the base of our flavored rums, this unique style of rum is fantastic in a glass by itself or in any gourmet cocktail. 

90 Proof | 45 Alc. by Vol. | 750 mL

Port Antonio Fruit Punch Rum

Caribbean Fruit Punch Rum

Inspired by our Caribbean roots, this flavorful rum contains mango, pineapple, strawberry and guava. Fantastic when paired with ginger ale/beer or lemonade, and just as delicious over ice!

30 Proof | 15%  Alc. by Vol. | 750 mL

Guava, strawberry, pineapple, mango


MDPB Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey

Norbeck Vodka

A delightfully neutral septuple-distilled (yes, that's 7 times!) corn vodka, this bottle is an essential on any bar cart. It goes excellently in everything from a Bloody Mary to a Martini.


80 Proof | 40% Alc. by Vol.  | 750 mL


Flavored Whiskey

MDPB Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey

MDPB Peanut Butter Whiskey

One of our newest products, our aptly named MDPB is really something you'll have to taste to believe. Peanut butter and caramel combine in this bottle for an excellent after-dinner drink.


70 Proof | 35% Alc. by Vol.  | 750 mL

Peanut butter, caramel

Dirty Apples Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

"Dirty Apples" Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

A simplistic approach to an apple-cinnamon whiskey. Containing just 3 ingredients (whiskey, apple juice, and a full cinnamon stick in each bottle), our Dirty Apples whiskey can be enjoyed guilt-free year 'round!

60 Proof | 30% Alc. by Vol. | 750 mL

Apples, cinnamon

2 Can Cocktails

Available through Route One

2 Can Sorrel Punch

Hibiscus, Ginger & Sorrel

10% ABV

Purchase via Route One

2 Can Raspberry Sage Lemonade

Raspberry, strawberry, sage, lemon

10% ABV

Purchase via One

2 Can Mango Lemonade

Mango & Lemon

10% ABV

Purchase via Route One

2 Can Huracán

Passion Fruit

10% ABV

Purchase via Route One

Available at our distillery
Our spirits evolve throughout the year with seasonal offerings, visit our tasting room to experience them all.

Grand Thoroughbred 

Wheat Bourbon

For fans of a different style of bourbon, the Grand Thoroughbred (named after the state horse of MD) is a fantastically unique bottle. Essence of grain and warm oak round out the flavor profile. 



Believe it or not this bottle was the seed from which Twin Valley grew. Formally a fine dining Italian restaurant chef, Owner Edgardo spent years perfecting his Limoncello recipe. 

Pineapple Chicha Rum

Made with real, fresh pineapple and real ginger, this South American classic is something you're sure to enjoy. Both tart and sweet, this is one of those bottles you know could only have come from Twin Valley. 

Cold-Brewed Coffee Liqueur

We cold-brew our own coffee in-house, using only the best coffee from Mayorga Organics. Made with only coffee, vodka, and a homemade vanilla bean simple syrup, you've never tried a better coffee spirit.

1794 Maryland Rye Whiskey

Following the whiskey traditions of Maryland farmers, our Rye is a multi grain, complex, and full-bodied whiskey. Containing corn, wheat and barley, this "MD-Style" Rye whiskey is layered with flavors.